Employee Engagement and Retention

How much will correcting your business mistakes actually put in your pocket
(cash flow, increased business value, improved environment, and morale)?
Greg Jacobson is recognized as the world leader in transformational employee engagement and retention.

Disengaged employees cost businesses in the United States more than $500,000,000,000 (five hundred billion dollars) every year in lost revenue.

Several studies show that nearly 70% of the world’s workforce are unhappy with their jobs. Specializing in success mindset using emotional fitness,

Greg is able to facilitate massive change for corporations increasing their employee productivity by an average of 22%.

Working with Greg you can expect an immediate, major improvement in company morale and personal attitudes. This will:

  • Increase overall productivity

  • Decrease turnover by more than ⅔

  • Decrease the number of missed work days

  • Dramatically increase creativity

  • Reduce safety incidents by nearly half

  • Reduce mistakes by nearly half

  • Increase collaboration among team members

  • Increase speed and ease of individual and team learning

  • Improve attitude, outlook, and deliver renewed excitement

  • Spectacularly increase productivity and bottom line earnings


Additional Benefits That Will Be Realized Are Dramatic Boosts In:

  • Customer acquisition, retention, and referrals
  • Client perception, marketplace position, and community goodwill
  • Reduction of overall stress
  • Conflict avoidance and resolution

Greg Jacobson believes in creating an attitude and environment where winning together is achieved by looking out for each other. Meeting objectives faster with greater fulfilment will begin immediately and continue to improve from senior leadership to new hires.

If your company is looking for spectacular growth in productivity, teamwork, executive talent development, culture, and creating an outstanding client experience, contact Greg Jacobson today to learn how to get started.

The courses Greg teaches are:

  • Experiencing transformational workplace engagement

  • How to develop and grow meaningful relationships

  • Creating outstanding client experiences

  • The secrets of truly effective communications and teamwork

  • The magic of setting and understanding roles, expectations, and consequences

  • Mastering client acquisition, growth, and referrals

  • Achieving stellar sales and marketing results


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